5 Reasons You Can’t Miss ACNM’s Annual Meeting

In the Spring Issue of Quickening, we will be listing more than 35 reasons why you can’t miss the ACNM 62nd Annual Meeting. But we want to hear from you! What’s one of your reasons for joining us  in Chicago? Add it to the comments section below, or send it to quick@ACNM.org, and we’ll repost our favorites. Start off your reason with the word, “Because ….”

Here are 5 reasons to get you started:

    1. 1. Because you can take steps to become an ultrasound “ninja.”
      Our Midwifery Ultrasound Certification workshops will set you on the path toward eligibility to sit for the ARDMS exam and it includes hands-on experience during the Tuesday session, letting you try out techniques on live, pregnant models.


    1. 2. Because “sampling” isn’t just for Hip Hop artists.
      In “Abnormal Uterine Bleeding” you’ll learn to define, evaluate, and manage these patients more confidently. You’ll also practice performing sampling with current endometrial biopsy tools.


    1. 3. Because we’re wading into the evidence.
      In “Waterbirth and Neonatal Outcomes” our distinguished panel will examine the latest clinical hydrotherapy guidelines from ACNM and ACOG, and the state of the science on the safety and efficacy of water birth.


    1. 4. Because we’re hosting a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.
      Thought leader and global citizen Charles “Chic” Dambach will keynote our Plenary Session “Your Foundation: 50 Years of Global Impact.” Dambach’s inspiring words will rededicate us to the foundation’s meaningful  future.


    1. 5. Because you’ve got happy feet.
      The Michael Walters Trio brings the fluid vocals, upbeat tempos, and mastery of genres to turn the A.C.N.M Foundation’s 50th Birthday Bash into a dance party for the ages.–MC


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