Meet The ACNM Staff!


As your Communications & Marketing Specialist, my goal is to raise awareness for the profession of midwifery, share related health and advocacy news, increase diversity in all things ACNM and more! But today, I decided to focus on our upcoming annual meeting by putting our staff knowledge to the test. I must say, they did well! We’re a lively bunch. We work hard, and laugh harder. I hope this video not only convinces you to join us in Chicago (after all, we really do want you there!) but also gives you a glimpse into the personalities that work tirelessly everyday behind the scenes of ACNM’s headquarters.

We can’t wait to see you!


Ashley West
awest [at]

P.S. CEO, Frank Purcell reveals his secret talent in this video, but you’ll have to watch and find it! 😉


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