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“Midwives: Reaching New Heights” Scores a Win for Chicago Meeting

Each year, ACNM solicits ideas for the theme of the Annual Meeting & Exhibition from staff, members of local and national program committees, and our consultants. This year was no different, and the group had many options to choose from. They narrowed down the choices, and chose an inspiring winner: “Midwives: Reaching New Heights.”

The theme is designed not only to evoke the skyline of one of America’s greatest cities, but also to bring to mind the countless accomplishments of midwives and the profession as a whole, as well as members’ and ACNM’s commitment to continually reach “new heights” in professional excellence.

The Design

From the theme’s wording, our designer created a beautiful logo that captures a slice of the Chicago’s actual skyline, nestled and held skyward in the hands of two women. The primary blues of the image match the lighter and dark blues of ACNM’s logo, and are offset by a rich gold.

We hope the logo inspires you as much it does us!

–Maura Christopher
ACNM Senior Writer & Editor

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