The Chicago Bucket Boys

Forget what you’ve experienced at previous annual meeting’s, Chicago is going to take it to another level!

Introducing ACNM’s 62nd Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony entertainment: The Chicago Bucket Boys!

The Chicago Bucket Boys (TCBB) beginnings were the mid 1990’s. A group of boys from the South Side of Chicago took the skill they honed with 5 gallon buckets and drumsticks to the streets of Downtown Chicago. Settling in amongst the population of other Street Performers and immediately rose to the most visible and memorable Chicago has ever seen! There are Bucket Boys that number in the hundreds around the city, and sadly, most of them live in poverty. ‘Beating’ as it is termed by them, supports the needs of the performers, and in many cases, their families. The talent possessed by these strong young men is a testament to the freedom found in creativity.

These kids were everywhere–along the Magnificent Mile and, during baseball season, outside of Wrigley Field–any spot where their performance would draw heavy crowds. Today, however, “everywhere” has expanded to include regular appearances at Bulls home games and functions, appearances with other NBA and NCAA teams, a spot with Hank Williams, Jr. on his “Are You Ready For Some Football?!” for ABC’s Monday Night Football, a commercial spot with KFC and a shared halftime performance bill for the 2004 NBA All-Star Game with the likes of OutKast, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce.

In May , these young men are going to be making a lot of noise and welcome YOU to ACNM’s 62nd Annual Meeting.

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