Myriad Symposium

Saturday, May 30, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM ET

Education Session – Clinical – 1 CEU

Saving Women’s Lives Through Genetics: The Role of Hereditary Cancer Screening and Testing in the Midwifery Practice
Richard N. Waldman, Dana Karanik
Symposium Sponsored by Myriad – Education

This session focuses on the science that changed the standard of care and the steps to efficiently and effectively incorporate genetic screening, counseling and testing in a midwifery practice setting. There is a critical unmet challenge to identify and diagnose patients who have an increased risk of genetic cancer. A group of 17 providers representing obstetrics and gynecology, midwifery, physician assistants and nurse practitioners from Syracuse, NY, 2 obstetricians and gynecologists from Connecticut have proven that clinicians from multiple backgrounds can be trained to efficiently screen, counsel and genetically test patients at risk for inheritable cancers.