Business Motions | ACNM 67th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Business Motions

The ACNM Code of Conduct reflects who we are, what is important to us, and how we communicate in our meetings, our online communities, and through verbal, written, and visual expressions. The Code provides an overview of the general rules and policies that are consistent with the high standards of business ethics we uphold and emphasizes the value we place on trust and treating all ACNM members and stakeholders with respect.

It’s imperative that every member participating in the ACNM business meeting follow our Code of Conduct, to observe high standards of integrity, and to make decisions that will preserve trust. It is important to use good judgment in your words and actions. While we encourage a lively exchange of ideas and insights, we ask that you adhere to the following:

  1. Respect the diversity of fellow members
  2. Communicate in a professional manner
  3. Avoid discussions pertaining to politics, religion, and (non-health) sexual content
  4. Behave ethically
  5. Treat others and you want to be treated
  6. Protect the integrity of ACNM
  7. Advertising for other companies is strictly prohibited
  8. Do not discuss ACNM administrative/moderator actions or personal membership inquiries
  9. Safeguard patient and member privacy; maintain confidentiality where applicable
  10. Respect intellectual property rights
  11. Avoid remarks that may constitute defamation
  12. Adhere to antitrust laws

Before submitting a motion for recommendation to the Board of Directors, please review the Business Meeting FAQs and Procedures. Motions may be presented to ACNM membership for wider feedback, before the official debate process takes place at the business meeting.

Your motion number will be assigned by ACNM by order of receipt. Motions must be submitted by May 6, 2022 to

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