Additional Savings

Looking for additional savings? Consider these options:

Share a Room or a Ride

Interested in sharing a room? Or sharing a ride to/from the area airport? Login to ACNM Connect and join the room/ride share discussion in the Annual Meeting community. *Please note, ACNM Connect is a member-only forum.

Get Your Employer to Pay Your Way

Because of the enormous value of the ACNM Annual Meeting, your employer may be willing to help pay for some or all of your meeting expenses.

  • Be specific. Let your employer know exactly what you’ll get out of the ACNM Annual Meeting and how this will benefit your practice and clients. You might even share your planned schedule.
  • Offer to share information and handouts with your colleagues.
  • Offer to book early. Let your employer know that you can book your hotel and travel early to save money, as well as possibly share a hotel room with another attendee.

Student Volunteers

Can I volunteer at the meeting? Students can apply for the student volunteer program and may earn free registration for the meeting. Please click here to sign up. The application deadline is February 1, 2020.