Employer Support

Get Employer Support to Attend the Annual Meeting

The ACNM 65th Annual Meeting is an important professional development opportunity for midwives. You’ll learn new information and techniques that you’ll then bring back to your practice to increase patient safety and quality of care. In fact, you’ll get so much value from the Annual Meeting that your employer may be willing to help pay for some or all of your meeting expenses. Here are a few tips and tools to help you gain your employer’s support.

  1. Emphasize the value you’re getting by attending the Annual Meeting virtually – lower registration fees, no hotel or travel costs, and less time away from work
  2. Let your employer know exactly what you’ll get out of the Annual Meeting and how it will benefit your practice and clients.
  3. Offer to share information or handouts from the Annual Meeting with your colleagues.
  4. Work with your colleagues to develop a plan so that your clients are covered while you’re attending the Annual Meeting.